About us



There are many reasons to pay a visit to the PAPA RHEIN * Hotel & Spa in Bingen. Not only that: The „Heimatzeit Hotels“ are being managed personally by the family Bolland and stand for „sustainable entrepreneurship“. To make it short: A sustainable business culture is natural to us and it has made up our life long before this term got known. We, at the PAPA RHEIN * Hotel & Spa give great importance to implement sustainability with full consequence and high efficiency. A sustainable engagement is only credible when it is comprehensible and of long term for social and ecologic improvements and when it is part of the success story.

Marleen Wagner is responsible for the sustainability management. Her task and challenge is to make sure that the company develops with sustainability.

The PAPA RHEIN * Hotel & Spa is located at the entry of the world heritage Central Rhine Valley. Only the best among the extraordinary evidence of the history of mankind and nature may be granted the title UNESCO world heritage. Our new hotel is surrounded by forests, grasslands, vineyards and a landscape that deserves special protection. The plans of the hotel were made under the close monitoring of the nature conservation authorities and countryside maintenance to promote specially the local fauna and flora.

All building measures correspond to the highest standards of energy efficiency, they are insulated to the optimum and therefore saving energy (standard: KFW 70).

Our illumination consists by almost 100% of LED techniques and are controlled by timer switches and motion detectors, preventing unnecessary energy use.

We not only strictly separate and dispose all garbage at the Papa Rhein, but also recycle locally whatever is possible. Therefore we work with Refood, who pick up our food residuals to produce animal food. Even cooking fat is collected in a barrel and is recycled by Refood to become an energy source (www.refood.de)!

The internal paper consumption is reduced to the minimum with a broad digitalization of the communication.

Purchasing co-operations with the hotels of the company group help to reduce the delivery of fresh groceries and other goods!

Our guests actively support the environmental protection by saving water using fewer towels.

We use in our enterprises environmental friendly construction materials. We mainly use for example recycled European wood for furniture and to equip our facilities. Wherever possible antique furniture and recycled materials are used instead of new products. This also counts for wall covers, flooring and trimming the exterior of the building.

It stands to reason and is very important: the regional wine. When it comes to beverages it is very important to us that wines from Australia and Chile are not offered, but instead the really unique best wines of regional wine makers. They are renowned for it.


We prefer high-quality oiled solid wood instead of lacquered veneering on chip boards (due to the pollutant emission).