Sauna & Pools


Immerse yourself in a new world: Chill at our plunge pool at the roof top or at our indoor pool

Indoor - Pool

No matter what the weather looks like. Swim a few laps like an athlete or simply enjoy your time here while allowing your gaze to to wander outside over the Niederwald monument and the vineyards. The pool is 15 meters long and has a comfortable temperature ( around 29 Degrees centigrade ) furthermore it is suitable for swimmers and non-swimmers.

Treat yourself to a well-deserved breather and rest on our loungers around the pool area and on the patio garden.

Plunge - Pool

Wow, what an amazing view!

If you decide to stretch out in our plunge pool we guarantee you won't get up any time soon. The water is way to relaxing and the sight of the Mittelrheintal from up here is truly enchanting.

The outdoor pool is opened (depending on the German weather situation up to 30 degrees centigrade) from April to October. Due to its depth of only 60 cm the pool is great for kids.