Urban Style in the Central Rhineland

Ahoy PAPA RHEIN friends! The latest „home-like hotel“ of the Bolland family has opened its doors now for you! You can book right here online our cabins and suites, our delicious breakfast buffet and the fine cuisine of Nils Henkel and his crew! Come and have a look and enjoy the new location at the harbor park in Bingen with a view to the waterfront and the vineyards at the entry of the Central Rhineland valley with its innumerable opportunities for excursions! We are using the Corona break to enhance everything for you even further! We are looking forward to seeing you soon! Your crew of the PAPA RHEIN!

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Welcome to the PAPA RHEIN! Enjoy the relaxing East Coast & harbor flair in our maritimely rigged berths and suites! This and much more is waiting for you in our new venue at the entry to the of the Central Rhineland valley!

 A hip resort, a chic spa, a unique concept - and all that directly at the „Rhine and Culture Waterside“ in Bingen! You will see water, vineyards and monuments all over the place.

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Pictures say more than words ever can… Here you find pictures and clips of our brand-new Hotel PAPA RHEIN!



 The exterior is natural with lots of wood and the interior offers lots of variety, is elegant and especially: invites you to chill out! Our cabins, mini or concept suites stand out with stylish furniture - designed by friends. Inspired by the harbor flair of the Rhine and the history of the Central Rhine Valley. Dive into our fancy living concepts!

William Turner looks from the Rhine riverbank into the „Binger Loch“ at the late afternoon on August 25 in 1817. Find his traces and feel the magic of the breath-taking nature. The romance of the river Rhine will awaken aspirations.

-> Discover the famous painting of Bingen on the „Turner Route“ through the Middle-Rhine Valley


Jan Bolland and his team have been working for many years on unique destinations. One feels their sense for aesthetics, pleasure and health. Our fascinating task is to create unique hospitable sites in an extraordinary look. We started in Summer 2020 here in Bingen - and will be more than happy to welcome you directly at this dreamlike site at the Rhine! And as usual - with our young and easygoing crew!

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Calm and extremely beautiful. The area around Bingens cultural waterside was created with a maximum of effort for the state horticultural show and makes it therefore incomparable. For us it is like the „English Garden“ from Rhinehesse directly at the Rhine. You can take a deep breath and relax here, but you can also experience many of things. Loads of Rhine-Hesse charms, the nature, the sites.

 What are you waiting for? Get out and enjoy this fabulous landscape and listen to the history. Painters and writers have been fascinated by the people and nature for centuries!

More Information on the culture waterside (www)

Discover the Central-Rhine Valley 

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„Ei Gude“ (our local way of saying „hi“)- discover the diversity of the local gastronomy at the PAPA RHEIN! You can enjoy it at any time of the day. Start right here the delicious tour through our hotel!


Recently a journalist wrote about the new PAPA RHEIN - Hotel & Spa: „Urban chic meets lifestyle here at the harbor park in Bingen at the entry of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site Central-Rhine Valley“. We would like to see you here soon! PAPA RHEIN is a place to retreat for those who are looking for tranquility and offers at the same time a huge diversity of activities. Many come to hike, ride bikes or to regenerate. Bring your body and soul in line again - just next to a magical site. Centuries ago Hildegard von Bingen already used the mystic forces of the area. Welcome in the new „time-at-home hotel“ by Bolland at the Central Rhine:

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