General Terms and Conditions

Papa Rhein Hotel GmbH

Hafenstraße 47 a

55411 Bingen am Rhein

Dear Guest!

We will do our very best to to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

This also includes that you know about the services we render, what we stand for, the values we represent and your liabilities towards us. Therefore, please be aware of the following General Terms and Conditions. The contractual relationship is governed by the GTC.

1. Conclusion of the contract

We consider the clients registration as an offer to a binding contract. The contract is concluded once the room/the rooms are booked and confirmed, or if the room/ the rooms are being made available in case a confirmation is not possible due to time-related reasons. The customer is now liable jointly and severally for all obligations arising as the contracting authority.

Group and tour operators are to submit a precise list of participants no later than three weeks  prior to arrival. Changes to the booked number of rooms of minus 10% are possible free of charge up to four weeks prior to arrival. In other respects refer to #5.

2. Arrival & Departure

Unless other written agreements have been made, check-in is not possible prior to 15:00pm on the arrival date. Check-out  must be done till 11:00am on your departure date.

For confirmed late departures past 11:00am the main reception is to be contacted on the previous day before 22:00pm by the guest: Late departures till 18:00pm are charged at 50% of the room rate, for departures past 18:00pm the full room rate will be charged.

3. Services and rates

The contractual services arise out of the disclosures of the reservation offer signed by the customer. The rates are inclusive of the current VAT. An additional service charge (€1,80 per person and day) will be added to your bill. The service charge includes the daily use of the following: WiFi, gym, parking. An increase in the VAT after the conclusion of the contract is to the detriment of the customer. The hotel reserves the right to perform changes to rates without preannouncement. This applies to cases that show more than four month between the conclusion of the contract and the date of arrival. In this case the customer is given the option of a free cancellation within 10 days of the written notification regarding the rate change. All prices are in euro.

4. Payment

The contractor/ the hotel can demand advance payments up to 50% of the agreed flat rate or offer price of events. The invoicing party is the contractor/ the hotel. Payment claims by the contractor/ the hotel are due within 10 business days upon receipt of the invoice.

5. Cancellations

All notice of termination must be rendered in written form. The time of receipt of the termination by the contractor/ the hotel is relevant.

Cancellations of single bookings (up to 5 persons) are free of charge up to eight days prior to arrival, unless separately stated in the specifications of the booking conditions (Non-Flex-Rate).

Cancellations of group bookings (6 persons and up) are possible free of charge up to 4 weeks prior to arrival for the entire quota.

Cancellations of group bookings (20persons and up) are possible free of charge up to 6 weeks prior to arrival for the entire quota.

Cancellations within the specified time limit are not possible.

Depending on the booked services the following charges apply: 90% of the accommodation costs as well as 80% of other booked services.

Early departures, or No-shows  without a previous cancellation will result in the full charge of the booking amount. The hotel is obliged to act in good faith to further let unclaimed rooms to avoid losses and to keep the customers cancellation fees at a minimum.

6. Liability

The contractual partner of the hotel, respectively the guest as such or the host, is unrestrictedly liable towards the hotelier for all damages caused by themselves or their guests. Any use of the rented premises deviating from the contract will entitle the hotel to an immediate termination of the contract. Hereby, the entitlement to the agreed remuneration will not be reduced.

The hotel reserves the right to withdraw from contracts, if the contractual services are impossible to be rendered due to force majeure or forms of industrial action. This does not derive any rights for legal claims.

The hotel is liable for properties brought in accordance with the provisions of the BGB. The liability shall be excluded once the room or repositories remained unlocked during the time the properties were purloined.

The hotel will assume liability for personal valuables deposited at the front desk upon presentation of a receipt. The same rule applies for money deposits at the front desk.

The hotel assumes liability for correct service specification in brochures as well as the proper execution of services as regulated by a contract. The hotel can act as a broker for other hotels, however, it does not assume liability for the services rendered by the hotels.

Important note:  We can only assume liability for high-quality wardrobe and personal valuables once a receipt stating the actual value has been deposited at the front desk. The staff receiving the valuables is to be informed about the deposited receipt by the customer.

7. Final clause

The place of performance and place of jurisdiction shall be the hotel in commercial dealings.

Oral agreements become effective with a written confirmation by the hotel only. If individual conditions are or will become invalid, the validity of the remaining conditions shall not be affected thereby.

Status : January 2021