Sauna & Pools

Sauna & Steam bath

Sweat and detox. Relax at leisure.

Our saunas and quiet rooms are more than places to sweat, kick start your blood circulation, boost your immune system and come to rest. Welcome the time in this inspiring environment and leave us with a strong desire to return. “Dolce far niente” can't possibly be more beautiful and effective.

Wind down, let go, relax. For your recovery phase you can retreat to our silent room with water beds, the silent room with swing loungers or the spa cinema, where you'll find head phones to watch

movies on the screen. Chilling is also possible outdoors in our mega comfy daybeds and loungers on the rooftop.

It's hot. And that's exactly how it is supposed to be. At about 85 degrees the sauna supports the body's' purification and detoxification process. It stimulates the blood circulation and boosts the immune system.

If you like it even hotter than that come on in and participate in our daily alternating infusions.

Don't forget to cool down and rest in between  each sauna session. Rest periods are very vital!

In the Bio sauna we raise the temperature only up to 55 degrees. You can come to sweat in a pleasant way while feeling the positive impact of the pine wood scent.

Your overall well-being  will be increased, your cardiovascular system will be strengthened.

Indulge in vital rest periods and phases to cool down your body in between the sessions.

What an ambrosial experience a visit at our steam bath is. You'll smoothly come to sweat at high humidity at 45 degrees. Your blood circulation will be stimulated, toxins will be removed. Take a deep  breath of the aroma enriched steam and experience your sensual break.

Healing clay is truly an all-rounder. It can assist in alleviating internal as well as external physical symptoms .

In the healing clay steam bath, or rasul bath you coat your entire body with clay, allow it to surface dry and fulfill its purpose and when it starts to melt you rub on your skin like a scrub. This treatment brings about a deep cleansing, skin renewal followed by tightened tissue and a boosted metabolism.

The healing clay steam bath is a group affair.

It is also bookable as an individual couple treatment.