Relaxed vacation in Rhineland-Palatinate

  Arrive and feel comfortable! Located directly at the Rhein river with the edgy charm of the Bingen Winterharbor we have created an amazingly cool hotel! Our Papa Rhein -Hotel and spa is a combination of vintage design and lots of areas to be astonished by and which will make you smirk.  All Heimatzeit Hotels by the Bolland family have a few essentials in common such as a great cuisine, a special spa, chic rooms and lots of excursion possibilities in the surrounding area. Enjoy the mix of pleasant hours at the Hafen spa and a stiff breeze at the sometimes rough, sometimes sunny and hot historical waterfront of the Rhein river!

Sounds great? Alright then. Off to the Mittelrheintal – discover our Papa Rhein Hotel & Spa!