Sauna & Pools

Spa etiquette

Your well-being is near and dear to our hearts!

Have a sauna session, followed by reading a book on a lounger in our silent rooms or on the LIDO DECK, allow your mind to wander and get prepare for a second or third sauna session... this is what your stay at our wellness area could look like.

In order for you,as well as all our other guests, to fully enjoy the time at the spa we have put together a short list of information & guidelines.

Happy chill out time!

Kids in the sauna

Kids under the age of 14 are welcome to use the sauna under parental supervision. The indoor pool is also open to our young guests under parental supervision. From 16:30 on the area is solely reserved for adults.

Cell phones/Tablets/Notebooks

The spa is a place of peace and relaxation. Electronic devices such as smartphones and notebooks are rather disturbing in this area. Ebooks are certainly allowed in the spa area.


Out of respect for the environment we would like to encourage you to use the towels thriftily.


You are welcome to help yourself to water and tea at our beverage station at the spa. Kindly use the paper cups on display.

Loungers and sunbeds

Who is not annoyed by people reserving loungers for a long period of time when they take a swim or hop in the sauna? This is absolutely unnecessary.

Everyone will find their favorite spot to rest at our spa.

Should your favorite spot be taken all that is needed is a little patience to find a new place to rest.


In your room you'll find a ready prepared a wellness bag containing bathrobe, towels and slippers.

You may use the clothespins provided at the spa reception to label your bathrobe.


Our saunas are considered nude areas. In case this doesn't work for you, you may tie a towel or pestemal around you.

Our pools , also the LIDO DECK pool are to be accessed wearing swimwear.

At the gym area we kindly ask you to wear sneakers and appropriate sports apparel. Locker rooms are available (Hafen Deck) where you can stow away your personal belongings. We assume no liability for missing or misplaced objects.

Spa hygiene

For your own hygiene and comfort kindly take a shower prior to a treatment, swimming, a sauna session or the steam bath. Please place a towel on the seating and resting area during a sauna session.


Kindly refrain from bringing any food or beverages to the wellness area.

Comfortable and unadorned

Comfortable, resistant clothing is an excellent choice for a treatment. Even better is a bathrobe, make-up and jewelry are not necessary.

The full pampering time

The treatment time includes a consultation and a rest period for mind and body.

Kindly register at the spa reception 5 minutes prior to your treatment. This allows for a punctual start and the indulgence in your papering time to the full extend.

Appointments/ Cancellations

Please let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel or postpone an appointment. Our trained personnel has been booked especially for you. Cancellations up to 6 hours prior to your treatment will be charge at 50% of the treatment price. No-shows or cancellations at short notice will be charged at 100%.

Okay so far?!

We do our very best to cater to your specific wishes and personal sensitivities. Kindly let us known immediately if anything against your expectations shows up so we can react promptly.