.We do have a few suggestions for you on how to enhance your wellness experience.

Our Spa-Team, under management Natascha Saar can’t wait to pamper you with a massage precisely tailored to meet your personal needs and wishes.


Starting daily from 10am – 7pm

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Nowadays we tend to spend way too much time sitting down. May it be in the office chair, in a meeting, in front of the TV or in our cars. Therefore, it is not surprising that we often experience tensions and muscular indurations in the back and neck area.

This short and effective massage is dedicated to your specific needs in these areas.

Duration Price
ca. 25 minutes 42 €

Make yourself comfortable on the massage couch and experience how beneficial this full body massage with nourishing oils is for your body. Special massage grip techniques will be used to loosen sore and stiff muscles.

Duration Price
ca. 50 minutes 84 €

Relax and enjoy. You’re on vacation after all.

This gentle full body massage is intended to calm your mind and body while promoting deep relaxation.

    Duration  Price
    ca. 50 minutes 84 €
    Duration  Price
    ca. 80 minutes 129 €

    We pay particular attention to each of these body parts to ensure a significant energy equilibration from head to toe. Subsequently, you will fell reborn. Ready to make a bet?

      Duration  Price
      ca. 50 minutes, including a foot bath 79 €

      Experience your body through the touch of your feet!

      Since the whole body is reflected in our feet in its entirety, all organs and systems can be positively affected by this classic foot pressure point massage. This treatment can help to regain  balance in your whole body.

      Duration  Price
      ca. 55 minutes 85 €

      An exceptional treatment experience is awaiting you that will stimulate the energy flow as well as touch your body and soul.

      Enjoy this traditional full body massage originated from Hawaii, which is performed as authentic as possible with a musical background and the appropriate attire.

      In order to lead you to a deep reaching relaxation we apply a technique utilizing the forearms and the crook of the arm in addition to the hands.

      Even your joints, arms and legs are being gently massaged. The steady change of the grip intensity from delicate to powerful, from fast to flowing will remind you of a wave-like motion. This sensation can be felt throughout the body even after the treatment.

        Duration Price
        ca. 80 minutes 139 €

        Exclusive couple experiences at the private Spa!

        More time for togetherness- weightless flotation and happiness

        Everyday life remains outside. Enjoy deep relaxation on a mentally and bodily level

        You will feel almost zero gravity as you both float in in the highly concentrated sea salt bath together. The feeling of lightheartedness, tranquility and the quietness of isolation from the outside world are a well-deserved break. Following the bath, you can indulge in a full body Destress massage.  Body and mind will come to a complete state of relaxation.

        Sense how this experience positively impacts your feelings. If you wish you can do so while enjoying a glass of sparkling wine and chocolate pralines from our patisserie.

        Duration  Price
        ca. 80 minutes 239 €

        What a special time this is: Your pregnancy is a precious time that gifts you with a multitude of unexpected emotions and shifts within your being as well as your body.

        You will absolutely love it! A treatment individually tailored to your needs during your pregnancy. Both, you and the baby you carry can dive into deep relaxation through sensitive, flowing and gentle massage techniques.

        Duration  Price
        ca. 50 Minuten 84 €

        Spoil yourselves! As an individual person, as a couple, as a family in the making. We make sure to pamper mom and the baby with a treatment dedicated to their specific needs.  In the meantime the expect dad can unwind with a full body Destress massage.

          Duration  Price for two 
          ca. 50 Minuten 168 €